It’s so crazy to think about how soon the holidays came about and how soon we’re already talking about New Years Eve! I can honestly say that the holidays are my favorite simply because I’m a December baby, and there’s always an excuse to get extra festive and sparkly during this time of season. Holiday parties to attend, and tons of other special events to get fancy for.

In this post I wanted to highlight this sequins turtleneck top from & Other Stories. I have never had a sequins turtleneck and when I saw this one, I knew I had to have it! On the website, the model was actually wearing it with jeans and I was like YES that’s exactly how I would wear it too, so I paired it with my new favorite AGOLDE Riley jeans. I absolutely love pairing statement tops with casual bottoms because I love the casual-chic look and it gives you more freedom to wear a statement heel, or a slick ankle boot like these that I am wearing from Zara. Below, I have selected 8 different sequins statement tops that you can ring in the new year with! Try pairing your statement tops with jeans to re-create this look with your personal style! Which top caught your eye the most? Any special holiday plans? Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! <3




HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I am seriously thankful for all of you, and I hope that you all have the best and most love filled holiday season ever! Can we seriously believe that the holidays are here already? I remember just talking about Summer what seems like not too long ago. My my my how time flies. I have been eyeing deals all week long and plenty of online sites and shops have started their sales early! Below, I have gone through a few of my favorite online stores to pick some of my top picks worth shopping for this season. Whether you are shopping for yourself, or getting early Christmas shopping out of the way….or both…cus why not. Wanna know what’s even better? Sometimes discounts codes get even better throughout the week so I will also be updating this post with more stuff! So get your cards readyyyyyy!





Without a doubt, plaid is never going to go out of style. Plaid prints are so easy to incorporate into any look to make a statement - whether that’s a big or subtle statement. The good thing is that plaid comes in a variety of different types, colors and types. My favorite go-to plaid piece is definitely a plaid blazer. I feel as if blazers put the cherry on top of any look that you are going to achieve. Pictured above, I added a blazer on top of a cropped tank and jeans..boom..added the blazer and the whole looked became complete! What I love most about plaid, is that you can mix prints with it to go for a bolder look. Try mixing plaid with leopard print, something striped, or even one of fall’s biggest trends - snake print. Below are plaid pieces that you can shop + get some major fall outfit inspiration from. Be sure to tell me which plaid look (or piece) is your favorite and how you plan to style it this season!


A plaid top is probably one of the most easiest pieces to style because all you have to do is throw on a pair of jeans, skirt, or shorts and you’re good to go. Remember, your plaid piece is your statement so keep the rest of your outfit simple. Play with your style! Tuck it in, roll the sleeves, tie it up, do you boo!


OK, a plaid blazer is like…a classic staple. You must own a plaid blazer! If you don’t, consider this a push to buy one this fall season. I recently got one from H&M to wear during New York fashion week to wear with the matching plaid pants (below) and I am in love with the tie/wrap detail!


Well of course dresses was going to be on the list because you just have to put on one piece, and your outfit is set, sis! Depending on the style of the dress, you can add accessories for some extra touches like belts, hats, knee-high boots, belt/waist bags or statement jewelry.


For all my ladies who love pants (I’m with you) I didn’t leave us out! Pants - or trousers as the UK natives call it - are forever going to be one of my main essential go-tos. If you’re wearing plaid pants, let them do the talking and pair them with a simple top or sweater for the fall. Lately, I have been seeing lots of chunky knits half tucked in trousers and skirts. Gonna try that next!



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My girls. My squad. My #GirlGang. From left to right: Nikki, myself, Brandy, Shay. I’m sure you guys might have seen this post floating on Instagram of us shutting DOWN the streets of Times Square during New York Fashion Week. We were there Thursday-Monday and definitely made the most of our experiences! While we did not attend any shows, we had quite a few brand meetings set up along with many events to attend. Safe to say we were making boss moves, not just trying to get into all of the shows. While we would have love to attend a few shows, we all agreed that creating and building relationships with the people who you need to know in the industry would be more beneficial for us in the long run. When you think of it that way, they will remember who you are and will keep you in mind for future opportunities like collaborations, and personally invite you to their shows, etc. Keep in mind that you have to do the work, too. Always always always follow up and thank them for their time no matter how big or small the opportunity is.

Meet the #GIRLGANG.


SHAY of @shaymone

Shay and I have been only been hanging out since the early summer, but we have known each other/and following each other a few months before we started hanging out. We also have closer ties because her future sister-in-law and I have known each other since middle school pretty much. It feels like we’ve been friends for a decade even though we haven’t. That’s how strong our connection is. I don’t have too many girlfriends, but I would consider the beginning of this friendship TRUE, REAL, and I can tell that it will be long-lasting. Sometimes, you just know. Out of all 4 of us, Shay is the dominant planner and the organizer. *Insert praising hands emoji here* She definitely keeps us all in line and on our toes with our to-do’s and tasks for the week. Also, she’s a petite mother of 3 and a certified BOSS in everything that she does all while being a boss at her full-time job. www.shaymone.com


BRANDY of @authentically.b

Where do I start? Brandy’s Instagram handle is exactly what she IS! AUTHENTIC. She’s not afraid to be b o l d and fearless and her personal style reflects that as well. She has the attitude to back it up, all the while she is as nice as can be. Brandy is also the mother of her super handsome son, Grant! If you follow her on Instagram, her stories always reflect how her family brings out her soft side. I love that about her. She is also an elementary school teacher everyday and runs a kick-ass blog www.authenticallyb.com When B came into the picture, this was only in the summer time, too. We finally met in person when I agreed to be on a DIY news segment that she hosted on Houston Life TV. We clicked, and not too long after is when we all linked up!


NIKKI of @newtexacali

Is she from New York? Nope. Is she from Cali? Nope. Her handle describes her well because she is a wanderlust and an absolute free spirit. Nikki and I met last year at a Create & Cultivate event here in Houston and have been connected ever since. Earlier this summer is when we really started to talk more and hang out. Nikki is also a mother of two gorgeous kids that I call “my fraaandsss” and knows how to balance everything so well! Not only does she talk the talk, but she walks that walk, too. She recently quit her full time job a few months ago to take on blogging full force. I’m so proud for her because all of us in the group aspire to blog full time! ha. (until then, we’re doing the work.) We recently had a conversation about aspirations, goals, and manifestation. It’s like, once she quit quit her job, things started to unfold for her. She’s featured in the LIKE.toKNOW.it book, she was nominated for Houston’s It girl of Instagram, and is/has been working on paid partnerships. www.newtexacaligal.com


Our Driving FORCE: Each other

Considering that these friendships are new and flourishing, if you have been following along with us you can tell that we have a special bond. It’s like God had this ALL planned out. I was living in Austin with barely any friends that shared the same interest, let alone looked like me. Not saying that matters as much, but it just feels real when you can connect with likeminded people who are on the same level as you, and who just gets you. We love to celebrate each other’s WINS and accomplishments. Always rooting for each other, and helping out with anything when we can while being STRAIGHT UP HONEST. We get things DONE and take names. I’m very observant of behaviors and normally have a guard up when I sense something about someone that would turn off my interest. I don’t feel that when I’m with them. That’s how I knew that we would be the perfect #GirlGang. We all have different personalities, but at the same time we have a lot of similarities. A few of you asked about how we got to do some of the things that we did at NYFW. This is when we put all of our heads together and made those things happen. If one of us got an email from a brand, we responded and included WE and sent off one another’s names, handles, and media kits to everyone that contacted us and vice versa. Four is better than one! We always put things into perspective differently which is how we come up with “The Plan.” We did the dirty work on our own. WE contacted brands, WE contacted PR companies, WE did the following up and made it all happen. And when WE got the opportunities, WE made sure that WE created the hell out of some amazing content which got us noticed for MORE opportunities. The possibilities are truly endless when ideas are bounced around like basketballs. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have some of the connections that I currently have, and some of the knowledge that I have about the blogging game. We’re all still learning and growing in progress and WE are doing it together! I thank God for these ladies and I hope our stories inspire you all. Keep up with us on social because we have some amazing things brewing in the master pot! Thanks for reading <3


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Not shown above: Saint Laurent ChYc bag in black patent from REBAG

Photos by Ahmad Sweeney @sweenshots



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If you know me a little bit by now, you know that I LOVE a GOOD quality pair of denim jeans. My personal style is very casual yet still chic. If I could wear jeans everywhere with anything I'm sure I would. Now, I'm also alllll about sharing good finds and great quality with a lower price - so I teamed up with EXPRESS to share with you a few denim finds for fall. EXPRESS offers such a wide variety of sizes and style for their jeans, and they start from size 0-18 so there's NO way that you shouldn't be able to walk away without 2-3 pairs! Oh, and they always have sales going on. Like right now everything is 40% off online! I recently went in store and got two pairs these pictured, and also all black. Because yeah....you can never have too many pairs of denim, right?

Shop EXPRESS denim here:


Use my unique ring code 4826 for 20% off your purchase of $125+ at Express Factory Outlet. In store only. Exclusions apply.




ha·bit·u·al (adjective)

done or doing something consistently as a habit.


Well hey girl hey and HAPPY FRIDAY!  I hope you all have had an amazing week. With the last few days of summer winding down, I am trying to get as much wear out of my summer clothing (or shall I say "lewks") as I can! Summer came and went so fast, I feel like I shopped for things that I barely had time to wear. That wasn't the case for this full HABITUAL look, though. I am wearing the Nora Mesh Inset Blouse paired with the Elara High Slit Cut-Off Jeans.   Y'all, when I say I felt great in this outfit I truly did. It was so comfortable and easy to move in. Mind you, when I wore this outfit earlier this week it was at least 93 degrees outside but this top is SO breathable I barely broke a teeny sweat. I also loved the fact that I did't even need to wear a bra! I know some of you ladies live for tops that don't require a bra, don't front.  The pockets in the front took care of that small detail which was amazing because the whole back part is open as you can see it's just the eyelet detailing. Let's talk about these jeans now! I have never seen a pair of wide leg pants with such a high split detail like these. I fell in love because I found the 67564530837th pair of denim to add to my wardrobe that is much different than the rest. A raw hem is also one of my favorite details when looking for jeans..it's just so effortless and add a little bit of edge. To complete my look, of course I have been wearing my new favorite Alora Mules by Vince from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Keep on scrollin' to shop this look below!

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share-1 2 copy 3.JPEG
share-1 2.JPEG

What summer pieces do you think that you won't be able to leg go of as we go into fall? 

Shop my look:

 Top:// Nora Mesh Inset Blouse // Jeans: //Elara High Slit Cut-Off Jeans // Shoes: Vince Alora Mules // Basket Bag: Edit58 (similar here)




You might have seen me talk about how I couldn't get over wearing so much linen this summer. It's true. Linen is just one of those staple fabrics that you cannot avoid during the warmer months. I think I purchased around 7 or 8 pieces over the summer that are made of linen. The only pain is that it wrinkles way too easy. But that's okay, my trick for that is riding in the car with my seatbelt uncomfortably fastened or sitting in a weird position until I get out of the car. You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. Let's talk about this dress though! I scored this dress from Free People a few months ago - which is now on sale.  At first I was worried about how low cut it was when I saw it on the website, but after I tried it on I used the wrap tie to make it appear a little less revealing in the front. When I say this is the most comfortable dress, believe it. The fabric is indeed very lightweight and breathable. 

share-1 (1).jpg

Dress: Free People via Lulus // Sunglasses: Topshop // Shoes: Madewell (old) Similar here  // Necklaces: "Oui" Necklace - Natalie B Jewelry / Palm Tree Necklace: Shami Official similar here

I did lots of moving around (and sweating in this dress as you can tell) I can say honestly this this is one of my favorite additions to my summer wardrobe. I just wish I could wear it more often! It has a full length button-down detail, but I left it halfway unbuttoned for a lil' leg action. Ha. The thing that I love about a versatile dress is the fact that you can wear it into the fall. You can layer with a nice suede cropped moto jacket, or even a darker denim jacket with an ankle boot to complete your look if your cooler fall weather comes sooner than our fall in Texas. If you have noticed that I linked the same dress a few times, it's because you might find that it is sold out in multiple sizes, but might be available at another one of the linked retailers in a different size. What is one of your summer must-have wardrobe essentials? Let me know in the comments!

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photos by: Stephania Campos




Ready to shop? The annual Nordstrom Anniversary sale is here, y'all! This sale has to be the most anticipated of the season because it is HUGE. Today - July 12th starts the "early access" for Nordstrom cardholders only. If you want first dibs across all sale categories, then you might want to think about getting yourself that card! Shhhhh..that's if you could use another credit card..because who wants another one of those, right? If you do not have a Nordstrom card, not to worry because access for ALL starts on July 20th, and will end on August 5th. Want to know something even better? I have teamed up with two of  my blogger friends Shay and Nikki, to give away a $300 gift card to one lucky winner to shop the big #NSALE! The contest giveaway will run starting now until July 20th. Head on over to my recent Instagram post to see the details on how to enter. 

The Details:

July 12th, 2018 12:01 AM PST - Early access starts for all Nordstrom cardholders ONLY

July 20th, 2018 12:01 AM PST - The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is open to everyone

August 5th, 2018 11:59 PM PST - The Nordstrom Anniversary sale ends

Even if you don't plan to shop right away, you can still take a peek at what's on sale by checking out this direct link to the Anniversary sale catalog. Nordstrom also has a really convenient "Buy online, pick up in store feature." All you have to do is shop for the item you want, then click the "Shop your store" tab, and within hours you will receive a text message stating that your order is ready for pickup. This will save you so much time! Especially if you don't like the crazy crowd hassle. *raises hand*  I've got my eye on a few things and will be updating this blog post throughout the next coming days + weeks that the sale is going on. Be sure to stay tuned for my picks, wish list, style tips, plus many more exclusive details regarding the sale! 

Shop our looks here:

A few things I've got my eye on + added to my shopping cart: